the shorts

you might remember my dyed denim shorts i've been talking a lot about recently, and now i decided to customize them a little bit more by studding the inside of one back pocket with some golden round studs.. to do that i first ripped the left side of the pocket with the seam ripper and just flapped it to the other side.. i sewed it right where the original seam of the left side was to keep it in place.
after that i started studding.. it took me about 150 of the 8mm studs and several hours to finish it, but i think it looks totally awesome! i first wanted to use my spray painted gold pyramid studs but it turned out that the colour is easily crumbling off and i couldn't really get any kind of even pattern.. so i decided to rather use them on a bag (a DIY studded cotton bag - tutorial upcoming!). so i finished 4 of my 6 high waisted shorts, i just need the american flag one and the distressed one and then, i promise, i'm going to style different outfits and show them all, finally worn, to you!
PS: freakin awesome: i hit the 10,000 visitors today! thank you all so much for reading - that stupid brain slush actually - and commenting - i l♥ve you!


vivien said...

boah das sieht so geil aus, ich liebe jeden deiner post und freu mich immer so wenns was neues gibt ♥

prettygirlswag said...

pretty! I like!

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

hot hot hot! :)

fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]

steffi said...

gefällt mir gut dein blog:D
da muss ich echt noch lange dran arbeiten, dass ich so viele posts und members mal hab...
ich folge dir jetzt auch ;D

VENOM FAME said...

You make the most awesome stuff!

Vera said...

Sieht nach sehr sehr viel Arbeit aus, aber wunderschön! :)