DIY acid wash denim jacket

another one of my bleaching projects: acid washing a denim jacket. all you need is obviously a denim jacket or any other denim stuff, bleach and a spray bottle -such as empty bottles of beauty or hair products.
the acid washing itself is very easy: fill the bleach into the spray bottle and spray it onto the denim jacket. a very good tutorial you can find here. some tips: 
1) try to spread the bleach very evenly if you want to avoid blotches 
2) don't spray too much bleach at once, first let it sit, then decide if you want your denim to be lighter or if it's okay 
3) for a very smooth acid wash pattern you should also avoid that your bottle drops, there would be some smaller white blotches on the fabric, just take some toilet paper and put it around the bottle, it will suck up the excess bleach
as with every bleached clothing item, rinse it carefully with clear water after your done to get the excess bleach out and put it into the washing machine, but only with other belached stuff or white clothes, unless you want the other clothes to change their colour!
on the second picture you can see how the denim looked before and after, i also made some small cuts into the denim to get a more destroyed look before i put it into the washing machine!
and this is the result:
i'm going to customize it a little bit more, with some spikes on the shoulders and a UK-flag on the back! i just need to get those spikes to finish it, then i'll definitely show the finished jacket to you, maybe including some small outfit suggestions!


The Dizzy Genie said...

i'm in love. amazing DIY! x

thegoldenskull said...

Dein Blog gefällt mir aber auch echt gut. Hast einen neuen Follower :D
Die Tasche ist übrigens von Einfach mal nach "studded bag" suchen. Da gibts ne ganze Reihe von denen.

Liebe Grüße,

Anonymous said...

hm...:) die sieht ja mal zu 10202108304% besser aus als davor! gefällt mir:)

Missataylor said...

Looks good! might have to try it out! :P

Ranim Helwani said...

Finde das DIY super inspirierend und ich bin jz voller Tatendrang und möchte meine Jeansjacke auch aufstylen! :D
Ich folge dir ab nun auch.

Liebe Grüße,

Natalia Budzińska said...

Super ta kurtka jeansowa ! ;)