DIY ripped bleached ombre shorts

as i'm in a kind of DIY-fever at the moment, here is another one of my current projects: bleaching. the first tutorial is about how to do some awesome ripped bleached ombre high waisted shorts!
what you need: some shorts, some bleach, an old bucket and some gloves
important information about bleaching you can find in my DIY bleached denim vest-post, and here's how to achieve the ombre effect:
1. fill the bleach into your bucket. if you want the denim part of your shorts to become a lighter colour, you should completely dip it into the bleach
2. dip your shorts into the bleach, just as much as you want the lighter part to be, let it sit in the bleach a while, then take a bit more of the shorts out of the bleach. repeat that in smaller steps for a very smooth transition, or in larger steps for a more random effect. don't forget that bleach can be very agressive, depending on wich one you use, so don't go away from your bucket for too long, if  you don't want to get completely white shorts!
3. after bleaching rinse the shorts with some water to get the excess bleach out and stop the bleaching process
i underestimated my bleach, since i used it with water last time and it didn't work so fast, so my shorts became pretty light.. actually i like that fact, they're just perfect for summer now!
to get your shorts the destroyed and ripped look just make some cuts into the fabric of the shorts before you wash them in the washing machine. make sure to wash them only with white or other bleached clothes, since the excess bleach in the fabric might change the colour of the other clothes!
and finally after drying my shorts looked like this; -i love them!


Sinah said...

sehr coole Idee, vlt probier ich es auch mal aus c:

Madame Kitsune⚓ said...

Für dieses Ausgefranste muss man nur in die Hose schneiden und den Rest erledigt die Waschmaschine?? :D

FuubiePooh said...

Was das sieht echt gelungen aus!
Sehr kreativ :)

▲ndrea said...

Oh mein Gott, sind die geil geworden :)Respekt!

Christina. said...

Die sind echt total hammer geworden! Und vor allem geht das so einfach, dass ich gar nicht darauf kommen würde :D
Sieht klasse aus!

Alina said...

Sieht echt super aus- muss ich auch mal probieren!

Ganz Liebe Grüße, Alina

Lie said...

wow, love it!
follow me:


Welcome aboard Lovely! said...

These are so brilliant :D it's amazing how much it transforms them.