DIY skull feather earrings

here's a very small and quick DIY to make your old and boring feather earrings a little bit more special.. what you need:
- a pair of feather earrings
- some thread
- small pearls and skull pearls - you can find them on ebay here and here for a very cheap price! - in a suitable colour
all you have to do now is to 
1. take the earrings apart 
2. take a piece of thread and put it through the earring 
3. bead the pearls
4. make a knot 
and you're done!
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Wiebke said...

sieht klasse aus!

BlueBacardi said...

Tolle Idee!

Anna said...

Maaaaan ich hatte mal so schöne Ohrringe von Topshop. Also Feder Ohrringe mit Totenköpfe und nach einer langen Nacht waren sie dann komplett im Arsch. :(

Maikel said...

aah sehr nice! <3
sowas mach ich auch total oft haha