DIY pinhole camera

first of all:  i'm really sorry for not posting that much recently, i've been very busy finishing school, therefore a lot of imporant exams and next to that i had to draw a lot for a second portfolio for another university i want to apply for, to study industrial design. 
for that portfolio i had a special little DIY-project, i built myself a small pinhole camera, there are a lot of tutorials on the internet - here, a very good one here - and actually it's very easy to make that little thing just out of some leftover cardboard from your empty drawing or note pads.. so i'm pretty excited about the photos, since i don't know if there aren't any light leaks, or if i did open the shutter long enough or too long.. well i took 19 shots on the regular 35mm film, i hope there's at least one picture that i can show to you! 
PS: be excited for a lot of DIY stuff soon! i just finished my exams and the portfolio, now i've got 2 weeks free, with a lot of time to work on that huuuge list of DIY-projects i collected during the last months! and of course the 'how-to-strech-your-ears-post will be up very soon! 


Anna said...

Wollte schon lange mal eine machen! Und jetzt mach ichs einfach. Hab aber Angst, dass dabei was schief geht und dass das ganze Geld umsonst war. :(

agnieszka said...

ey, wie geil ist das bitte!? *-*

Franzi said...

sieht toll aus ;)