one project isn't enogh, so i started FOUR today. to start off i bleached a denim vest - further project coming up - while the jacket was in the washing machine i sprayed the first layer of white paint onto those balls - they've been green once, then awfully bleached by the sun, so i decided they needed a makeover - and the first layer of black paint onto the picture frame - wich was long ago a gift from a friend, but sadly in the wrong colour for my new appartement - and in the meantime, while the paint dryed and the jacket got washed i went on knitting my super huge and chunky scarf - actually i wanted to have it for last winter already, but i didn't manage to finish it.. it's about 1,80m now and still needs to be looonger! (as you see i also have plenty of wool left..) i'm pretty excited about the denim jacket DIY, but i won't give anything away, so stay tuned for another awesome DIY coming soon!


Lulu Frances said...

wow someone's been a busy bee :) feels good to do things, doesn't it! xx

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Mensch..du bist echt ähm creativ :D
Was sind die Bälle? Deko? :)
Oh jaa..die Allee.. hach..da möcht ich jetzt sein! :D

fashion is for idiots [like us]

LINDA said...

Great post! <3


Linda from

kcomekarolina said...

wow!i love these photos!

xoxo from rome