DIY studded sweater

after i bought this sweater some months ago at a flea market it pretty much lay around in my DIY-drawer, waiting to get customized. the sweater is originally an american apparel size m, and since their clothes are always very tight i thought it would fit perfectly.. it didn't. so first of all i had to sew it a little bit tighter - never let a big size be a reason not to buy something cool, you can always make it tighter by yourself! - and then i studded it.. i did some kind of star or circle pattern on the shoulders, using cone spikes in the center and smaller round studs around.. so this is pretty easy and i'm thinking of doing this to more of my sweaters, on a denim shirt or jacket or even a blouse. you could also sew on some leather patches on the schoulders or elbows of a sweater, cardigan, jacket... or knees of a leggings or pants and stud them, looks awesome, too! (definitely one of my next projects since i found some leftover black and white leather!)


Lena said...

ich liebe deinen blog:)

Alessa♥ said...

Hey, I really like your DIY-Posts, but I have too less time doing all of your DIY's but I already did an American-High-Waisted-Short and now I really like this shirt! Where do you get your studs from?

Regards, Alessa.

Madame Kitsune⚓ said...

Wo kaufst du eigentlich immer deine Nieten?