flea market haul

 i visted a huge flea market on saturday and this is one of my favourite finds: a 2in1-vintage-bag from a super sweet old lady! i think it's awesome, i've never seen something like that bag before, it looks good in small and big and unfolded you'll have massive storage! - 3€
decoration for my new appartement: blue bottles - 50ct each; medicine bottles - 3€ each!
books: 'Das Universum' (the universe) - 5€; 'Seelenreisen' (journeys of the soul), 'Die UFOs' (the UFOs), 'Mystische Stätten' (mystical places) - all three togehter 1€
clothes: emerald green velvet dress - 4,50€ ; denim jacket - 2€ ; leather jacket (ugly, but i'll cut it up anyway :D ) - 3€ 


agnieszka said...

du kaufst immer so verdammt gute sachen ey.
wo gehst du immer auf flohmärkte?

AliceeeeS said...

Where the hell are these flea markets?? I have to go to one <3

polga. said...

klasse sachen!!
die flohmärkte in münchen sind auch sowas von toll

ZuKi said...

ja ja, da hast du echt einige schnäpchen gefunden :)

BlueBacardi said...

Tolle Ausbeute, bei uns auf den Flohmärkten gibt es nie so tolles Zeug :(

Anonymous said...

denim jacket! *-* i´m jeaoulous!