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since i'm moving out from home in less than a month i've collected a lot of ideas on the web for my new appartement in munich, concerning interior and decoration. i've been living in a very brown room for nearly my whole life now, with a wooden wall, wooden ceiling, wooden floor and wooden interior - now i'm pretty sick of that, so my new room's going to be mostly WHITE...
IKEA's EXPEDIT shelf is one of my favorites for book storage, what's even more awesome: it doesn't have a back, so you can easily use it for dividing a room! i love book shelves, i'm already planning to sort my books after colours - i'm gonna have a NYAN-shelf :3
i'm really in love with clothes rails, especially the wooden one in the middle looks super awesome! sadly my room's too small for such a rail, i'd have to go with a boring and normal cupboard..
i'm going to study interior design, so there'll be a lot of drawing, this means i need a giant desk.. i'm also planning to do a big 'inspiration wall', some kind of  pinboard where i put all my ideas, inspiration and more if i'm working on a project next to my desk, and one of those picture and frame walls above my couch or something.. i really love those butterfly frames, sadly they're very expensive to get..
if you're searching for some inspiration, also DIY-tips, check out DESIGN SPONGE, for inspiring appartements check out FREUNDE VON FREUNDEN and especially for people from munich: DESIGNCHEN
also be excited about my newest DIY project: moooi random light ($605-$2140 O:) for a fragment of the price! - let's see if it works out..
and: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 400 FOLLOWERS! i still can't belive so many people are interested in the stuff i do.. lot's of LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥

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polga. said...

toll, ich bin schon gespannt wie dein zimmer wird, hoffe du machst dann vielleicht auch n kleinen post :)
was studierst du denn in m√ľnchen? ist ne tolle stadt, da haste ja echt schwein du!