strech it.

i was really bored yesterday so i spent my whole evening watching some videos and photos about streching your ears. i really wanna do it, just on one ear and my maximum is 10mm or 00g. i wanna use them to put my pencils or brushes in there.. so i always have something to write if i have a sudden brilliant idea or whatever.. my tunnel-fascination nearly got me to order some tapers, but i didn't do it, so i don't know, i'm a little bit afraid ruining my ears forever..

well, the last one is actually what i want my ear to look like, maybe not such a big tunnel, but a second piercing looks really nice.. it's anna from she has streched just one side too, i really love it. ♥

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livefastdiepretty. said...

wow das letzte bin ja ich danke, wie gut♥