doc martens.

fabulous dr. martens! i really want a pair of them, i prefer black, but the leo-docs are really nice too as well as some floral ones.. 
 i don't care if they were secondhand, new ones are really expensive and if i don't like the color i could just customize them, like kaylahadlington. her's are absolutely awesome, you should also check out her blog, it's fantastic ♥ the glitter looks just like a space-print! well, doc martens are wonderful, you can give every 'normal' or 'mainstream' look a grungy or punky accent, you can combine them with shorts, leggins, dresses or just some ripped jeans and they're really perfect for autumn. yes, i'm a bit early, but you can actually wear them the whole year, they're just too gorgeous. ♥

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Luzía.MV said...

i'm selling the boots of the firts picture. size 4 uk. 50£. if you are interested message me! xx