ripped denim.

some inspiration for my newest DIY-project. i want to collect some old denim pants and either cut them off to get some shorts or, if they perfectly fit, i'll leave them long and just rip them.. i also - this is the advantage of having chemistry in school - found some chemicals too bleach the pants, oxalic acid or hydrogen peroxide - wich is also used to bleach hair. you can just buy those on ebay and they aren't even expensive. i also will need some textile dye, studs and lace. lace also for my last DIY-shorts where i wanted to add some to prevent that the spikes of the studs ruin my legs. what i also wanted to have are some old band shirts or just shirts with huge photo prints to make some oversized tops out of them, so i really have to visit a secondhandshop or a flea market in the next time, there's nothing around in the internet..

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