source code.

an absolutely awesome movie about a man who is actually dead, but all the functions of his brain are still alive and so he becomes part of a secret project called 'source code'. he is able to live the last eight minutes of the live of an other man who was on a train that exploded because of a terror attack. the task is to find the terrorist and the bomb to prevent an other attack that would have killed thousands of people. i love the movie, it is about creating other realities to save the real world, it is thrilling and very fast and although you see the same scene a couple of times it's always slightly different and never boring. it is a really awesome science fiction/thriller and i would recommend watching it, especially if you like scifi or shows like fringe. and if you in deed do watch fringe, you will find it similar to an episode called 'white tulip' where a man tries to travel through time and always jumps into a train, where he kills all the people in it by taking away all their energy.

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