yesterday the stuff i ordered at CrazyFactory finally arrived. some really nice tapers and plugs, as well as some tunnels for 8mm/0g. i had nothing to do so i started off streching :D first i took a shower so that my skin was a little bit more elastic, then i destinfected the taper and the ring, after that i took some cream and put it on my ear and the taper.. after that i put the taper in my ear and slowly pushed it through. it hurt a little bit, and i always made little breaks so that my ear could relax a little bit.. when i was through i left the taper in my ear for about 4 hours and just before i went to bed i put the ring in.. unfortunately it is a little bit small, so that the ball doesn't fit anymore.. so i recommend buying a barbell instead of a ring if you're about to strech, too. what i also do is putting some antiseptic on my ear three times a day, because i can't stop myself from touching my ear.. and i don't want it to get infected. the next taper i will put in in 2-3 weeks, although others recommend to wait at least 4  weeks.. but i think the step between 2mm and 3mm isn't too big.. and i don't like my ring, it's just too small.. so i want to get rid of it as fast as possible..

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