i'm back again, back in cold and rainy germany. as i told you i made a trip through europe with this huuge cruise liner. you can't imagine how precious and sparkling the ship was, in the foyer there were some transparent stairs filled with thousands of glass-crystals, there was an endless number of bars, super delicious food and the destinations were unbelievable. i visited a the vesuvio, a volcano near naples, unfortunately it's not active anymore, and there was no lava, i'd loved to see some.. two days later we arrived in palma de mallorca, it has a wonderful beach, although there are lots of people, drinking sangria out of buckets, wich is fun anyways and the sangria tastes very good there.. but my favourite destination was barcelona <3 this city is huge. we made one of those sightseeing-tours and, well barcelona has everything, a wonderful beach, a huge city for shopping, i nearly died when i saw that they also have topshop, primark and a wonderful store called pull&bear, and loots of bars and restaurants for eating and drinking. unfortunately we hadn't much time, so i couldn't enjoy all those stores, but i'm sure i will visit barcelona once again. the next day we arrived in marseille, where we spent our day shopping, it is also a wonderful city to shop, with stores like, my new favourite, pull&bear, zara home and a lot of small stores with gorgeous noname-clothes. well, travelling with a cruise liner is just kinda perfect, you get to see a lot of different cities, you don't have to sit in a bus or something, you can swim in one of the pools, eat, go to the fitness-center or enjoy a drink, it's just like a small swimming city, with bars, restaurants, pools and a fitness- and spa-center and lots more. you don't have that much time to see everything of the different cities, but you always get an impression and if you like it you could always spend your next holidays there.. so i love it <3

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