towards the sun.

well, i'm about to leave home again, this time i'm going to visit the beautiful capital of italy - ROME. although it's organized by school and we're going to have a kind of strict and maybe annoying programme it will definitely be wonderful.i have my girls with me and we're going to have a fantastic trip! and the weather is going to be amazing: 30°C and sunshine everyday, the whole week! YAY! i'm hoping to take a lot of photos, especially with my darling HOLGA ♥ if i needs to i would use the bathroom as a darkroom.. and i really need to shoot a lot of photos, i have this ISO100-roll at home, this one's just for really bright and sunny days - so perfect! as soon as i'll be back i'll tell you everything and post a little bit more frequently - school is nearly over (for this year) - and i'll have a lot of time for you! ♥
UPCOMING: lots and lots and lots of analogue photos, DIYs and looks for the summer!

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