i'm back - and rome was fantastic. having started here in germany with rain and cold 20°C i nearly died when i felt the 30°C and more arriving at the central station. our hotel was nearby and shortly after we got our rooms we started our tour. tow teachers of our school showed us different sights of rome, churches, the colosseum, the vatikan, the spanish steps, the trevi fountain and a lot was extremely exhausting and after three days i didn't really feel my feet anymore. after the tour we had free time to spend however we wanted. i searched for some nice places in the internet before and just took my girls everywhere i wanted to go - they had no plans anyways :P we checked the main shopping streets and some hidden ones too, but i have to say that the italian style is nothing like mine. too much glitter and i don't know.. i just found an amazing pair of extraordinary high heels - i'm gonna show them to you sometime else - and some tunnels for my ear. i bought them at a small market, you know with those people that always talk to you and wanna sell something to you.. first i thought that they wouldn't be so healthy but the man proofed me they're titanium ones and i also burned them to kill all the microorganisms.. so i don't know i wouldn't have bought acrylic ones and i'd never put them in just as they are, always desinfect them and you're gonna be on the safe side! so all in all it was a wonderful and very hot trip and i'm gonna show you some photos as soon as my holga and underwater ones are developed. be excited - i'm too! :D

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