it all ends here.

i'm really sad. Harry Potter went along with me through my whole childhood and now everything should be over? i was sad when i finally recieved my last book, but i knew there would be a movie and now.. the premiere was yesterday and really, if i had the possibility to watch, not only emma watson would have cried. i don't cry very often, even less because of movies, but i'm sure, this time i will. not because the movie is so sad, because this will be the last one and nothing could replace harry potter. i enjoyed reading the books, some i read about 5 times and they didn't get boring at all. if someone would ask me what the most inspiring thing in my childhood was i would truly answer: harry potter. the books are full of magic and they made me dreaming and thinking that all of this could be real.. i really would have died for hagrid to show up at my door! i wanted to visit hogwarts too and i wanted to be able to perform magic, too. well, looks like hagrid never came - and i was waiting all day on my 11th birthday - but anyways the magic stayed..

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