where's my inspiration?

everday i'm here and everyday i'm thinking 'oh is should post something.' but what? - i don't know what to write, i don't find anything special around here and i just feel like all my inspiration and my energy is completely gone. maybe it is the rain. this grey and cold weather makes me sick. i want to go away from here, somewhere where the sun is shining and i definitely need a break. what a luck that my summer break is just a week away. YAY! i'll have a lot of time and i have so many plans, my DIY-projects, the shorts and bags and i also want to draw a lot and to spend a lot of time somewhere outside the house, i need to get inspired and i need to let my thoughts free, i miss daydreaming and just doing nothing or doing just what you want. well, my holga and underwater photos should be developed by now and i'm gonna get them on monday so i can tell you a little bit more about rome - i wish i'd still be there, 35°C is exactly what i need now. well, maybe a little bit of hardcore or metal or whatever will make me feel better - today's NORDBEAT festival in a small town nearby and i think it's going to be awesome. if the sun doesn't shine my friends have to - and they will.

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