dyed denim - inspiration.

this is my newest DIY-project: dyed denim shorts. and it wouldn't be me if i hadn't searched for a tutorial on youtube - and i found one! THE FASHION CITIZEN - an absolutely wonderful channel about fashion, thrifting and lots of DIY - you should really check it out! so.. what i need is obviously a pair of shorts and this is the first problem: we don't have that much and that cheap and amazing thrift stores around here..  so it could be difficult to get one, next is: wher do i get fabric colours ?! i have no idea. well, if everything fails, there's still EBAY! and you know what - first thing i'll do as soon as i get 18 is to create my own account there - yay, online-shopping will definitely be my ruin :P


Maliee said...

instyle ? :D

valentina said...

nope, found it on weheartit or lookbook (: