5 mm

YAY! i finally streched my ear up to 5mm - half of the way is done - and it still looks much too tiny. the tunnel i'm wearing is from that market in rome i told you once about, it's a double flared one but you can screw it in the middle - without this i wouldn't have gotten it into my ear.. that's one of the best inventions ever! i love the double flared tunnels, they haven't got such a thick border in the front and back so your hole looks bigger - but you don't get them into your ear that easily.. so screw-double-flared is perfect! 
and: two days to freedom.


Mickuki said...

tut das nicht richtig doll weh das zu weiten? wie macht man das eigentlich???
ich kenn mich da gar nicht aus :D

Chantal said...

I also want to stretch my ear, gosh love it