yesterday was like the best day of the whole year. it was my 18th birthday and i started the day with playing lotto and after that i spent it with creating an ebay-account, driving with my dads car, buying a horror movie for over eighteens, buying cigarettes and vodka and at least spending the night in different clubs in munich with my best friend <3 really, getting 18 here in europe is the best thing ever, you're allowed to do everything, whatever you want, without asking your parents or anyone else, you suddenly recognize how limited your life has been before and how free you're now. so, the first photo is a collage from different ones i took over the evening, i had to cut them because i look so damn stupid on most of them. well, i was pretty drunk - we meet some people from gelsenkirchen, swiss ones and also a guy from new zealand, wich is on the other side of the world! we had a lot of fun with dancing and it was really a wonderful and long night. the second one i took today in the morning while we were sitting in the train, eating breakfast.. actually it was 1pm - i couldn't eat very much, so i decided to take just a plain bagel from coffee fellows, but i love their bagels, especially the ones with something on them, like cheese and salad or something.. next time then..

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Chantal said...

the first picture is so cool!
I am following you
Thanks for your comment.