i'm bored to death, so i decided to tell you a little bit about my sources of inspiration, inspiring things, people.. in general i have to say that most of my inspration either comes from the web, especially, or from the streets. so the following list is about the most inspiring -

for me the night is the most inspiring time ever, just think about sitting outside, watching the stars and the dark sky, thinking about space, infinity or anything because in the silence you're thoughts can fly free and in the darkness there's nothing  to distract them. i get the best ideas just seconds before i'm falling asleep, unfortunately i forget them until the next day, but then in the night they come back again, sometimes follow me into my dreams - a way to escape from reality - i love my dreams, the weirder the better, the laws of physics are completely out of control and everything is possible, my brain creates a world without limits, where my imagination is free to create everything and where inspiration is the secret power to build everything.

whenever you search for hundreds of people with individual and gorgeous styles you should visit a festival. the average of mainstream-dressed people is very low and you can't walk even 10 meters without meeting another person, dressed in his own and awesome way, i often can't even look fast enough, i'd always ask everyone 'where did you get that? - it's beautiful!' but i can't annoy my friends too much though.. really, festivals are so inspiring, and it's not only the fashion, it's the atmosphere, people sitting around, awesome bands, loads of alcohol and you're friends around you, that's what makes a festival to a wonderful source of inspiration - and don't forget to take your sketchbook and a camera with you!

i think there are many people i know, that in some way inspire me,but some are special. first one is my dad, who made a trip around the world when he was young, he visited asia, thailand, vietnam and i think china, africa, egypt, he saw so many things and he often tells stories and really, with every story i want to do it exactly like he did, take a year off to see the world, all the expiriences, all those people and cultures - travelling is maybe the most inspiring thing - the world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page.
next is my art teacher at school for seeing things in me i didn't even know myself and for her unbelievable tips about drawing, being creative, developing ideas - she inspired me to try to forget about my perfectionism and that's maybe the best thing that could ever happen to me! and last there's my best friend. she's the only one who really understands me and one look into her eyes or talking to her about random things inspires as much as hanging around here or at weheartit for a whole day.

when i was little i watched nearly every movie with the olsens, i was jealous, i loved their life, taking it easy, and i always wanted to have a twin, too. you always have somebody around you, someone you can trust and someone who is in some way exactly like you. now, almost ten years later i'm just admiring their incredible style, no one can wear those round glasses, except THEM - and they look so damn good with them. they're skinny, got long hair and a ton of beautiful clothes, and they're beautiful - and it's still two of them. next to the olsens there's also audrey kitching for her hair and taylor momsen for her style who are very inspiring.

it's the most inspiring quote because it's true. you can never tell what's real and what's not, who says that even this here is real? i love it, because everytime i hear or read it or i think of it i think about reality, i start thinking about if everything around me is real or if it's just a figure of my imagination, if dreams are part of reality, what a deja vĂș really means, if there could be a parallel universe, an alternate reality.. strange things, so it isn't surprising that this quote is from fringe isn't it? well, actually fringe is the most inspiring tv show i've ever seen - endless possibilities.

i can't really explain, maybe it's the sparkling, the geometric shapes, triangles, colours.. all i know is that i'm currently very fascinated of crystals, gems, minerals - maybe it's the imperfection and maybe it's because crystals are one of the rare things people can't make themselves artificially. what is very inspiring for me too, are jellyfish, skeletons, butterflies, feathers and human hearts.

my greatest source of photo inspiration comes from, they got nearly every photo on the worldwideweb there, you can just save it on your heart with one click and i love spending an hour or two there, just clicking through the photos, collecting inspiration in fashion, lifestyle and art. for more fashion inspiration i need, where real people from all around the world share their newest looks and every day i login there i'll get a new idea, what i could wear or how i could change my style, to improve it or what i could DIY next.

i don't know why i chose this one, i love her style, her hair, her way of writing just what comes into her mind and of course her streched ear ♥ i'm always a little bit jealous, she's always on the way and i'm sitting there, infront of my computer, thinking 'damn, what are you doing here, where are your friends, call them, NOW!' but most time i just stay sitting there.. another blog i love is, although i don't have a tumblr i love all those super inspiring photos and gifs, the dark and - i don't know how to call it - grungy style, beautiful. and of course for her wonderful thrifting and DIY.

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