ha. today i got my driving license - well, actually i've been driving for about 10 months now, with a special programme here in germany where it is allowed to drive with your parents even if you're just 17 - but now i can drive alone! and that is so much fun, really. well, this seems to be a out-of-my-life post so i'm gonna tell you that i'll be away for 10 days from saturday, on a trip with my four cuties - we're going to italy, gardasee and i think it is not the perfect weather there, 22°C or something but still better than here in germany - actually everything is better than germany. so i'm hoping to shoot really 5 rolls or something with my holga, i'm shooting not enough at all here.. i should take her with me more often.. or use her more often if i take her with me.. well, i hope i'll have a lot of things to tell you then, a lot of inspiration, photos, stories, anything so that i can recover my little attention - or my nonexistent attention - for this blog. i'll miss you. ♥ ♥

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