DIY - ripped denim zebra shorts.

as i was tidying up my room and my closet today i found this old skirt, i really don't wear it anymore, but i liked the cloth, so i decided to use it for my ripped denim shorts i made a while ago. actually recycling old clothes is like the best thing you could ever do: you save money and at the same time you save the planet. whenever you reuse clothes i recommend to rip the seams to have the most possible amount of cloth, like you can see in the second picture. but if you're as lazy as i am, you could just cut near the seam - picture 3 - and you'll also get a lot of cloth. right underneath you'll find a tutorial how to use recycled cloth to pimp some shorts.
the pockets:

1 cut a piece of cloth, always leave about an inch more than the actual area is
2 turn the fringed ends of the cloth to the inside and take some pins to hold the whole thing in place. it takes a little time to get this right but it is important to work very exact to avoid spots where you can see the denim
3 sew it. if you're skilled you can also use a sewing machine for it, but i'm not and you have to pay attention not to also sew the back of your shorts to the pockets!
the shorts:

important: turn over your shorts before starting!
1 again: cut a pice of cloth, about an inch larger than the actual area
2 use some pins to hold the cloth in place, you don't need to turn the fringe because you're working on the back of your shorts. you should also put the cloth under the pockets to hide the white cloth!
3 start sewing. VERY IMPORTANT: the front of the shorts should look good so you need to turn the shorts back and sew right where the seams are so that you don't see any new seams! it is a little bit complicated and you sould always turn back to control if the cloth is still in the right place! and again, if you're very skilled you can also use the sewing machine.
4 this is how the left side looks like after finishing.
5 the shorts after having revised step 1-3 on the right side.
6 close-up of a ripped part.
this is what my shorts look like after i turned them back again. i also tried them on and they still fit! perfect. so i have a lot of zebra-cloth left and i think i'll customize my black cotton bag with it, anyways, doesn't matter what i'll do with it i'll show it to you (:


Lie said...

pretty cool!

fashion is for idiots [like us]

fashion is for idiots [like us]

Anouck said...

Thanks for this DIY, you've inspired me to try this myself! :D I you want to see the result you can check it out here: