DIY - Skeleton Tights.

finally another DIY! i've been looking for some of those freakin' awesome skeleton tights for such a long time so today i decided to just turn an old pair of tights into super cute skeleton ones. 
1 This is what you need: a pair of old tights, you can use every colour besides black of course and a black fabric marker 
2 put the tights on and mark where your knees are 
3 take a small piece of paper and put it on the inside of the tights so that the colour doesn't get to the other side and paint some bones 
4 you can either fill the shapes or leave them just as they are, both looks awesome!
combined with doc martens or some creepers and cute lacey socks, you'll get a really nice bottom for a look you can finish with an oversized jumper or a high waisted skirt or shorts and a vintage band shirt - or just anything cute you have in your closet, the tights gonna give it a creepy, grungy and dark look! if you're going to need something for halloween just combine them with a skeleton shirt or jumper - you could also turn a plain white shirt into a skeleton shirt if you don't want to buy one - or a skull cut out shirt or jumper you can DIY very easily, too.


CR said...

Just a genious idea! Really cool look to ptll of since halloween is near ;)


Anonymous said...

Ah, how lovely! :D I've been meaning to create a pair of skeletion tights myself, but haven't had the courge to. And seeing how awesome your tights turned out has inspired me, yeey! :D:D Totally gonna give it a try myself

thea natalie said...

This is brilliant!

Thea Natalie @ Creatures of Life x

Toni said...

These look really good! Great idea x

polga. said...

mag deinen blog :) vorallem so diy kram!