flea market.

i had a quite awesome day yesterday.. well, it seemed to be a stupid one first, but then i went to munich, first to read some books in the library for my artwork but then i went a little shopping and meet my girls, we went for some sushi and finally arrived at the flea market. it was pretty special - just for girls and started at 7pm - but pretty crowded, too. you couldn't even move inside.. so we decided to search a bar to have some drinks.. and i had one of the most delicious strawberry daiquiries there ever.. nom ♥
 i actually found a nice pair of levis high waisted jeans, W28 is perfect for my waist, it's not too tight but as you can see on the picture, they didn't really look very good, the legs are really too big.. so, like i had planned anyway, i cut them into some really cute shorts..
so this is what they look like after cutting.. i really love the colour.. but they have some black paint on the back, so i might either bleach them or dye them completely black.. or i'll just leave them.. i'm also not sure yet if i'd distress them or just leave them as they are.. but i will definitely sew the rolled up part so i don't have to do it again everytime.
i also bought a pair of earrings at the flea market and some halloween earrings and a lace dress in the city.. i think i'll wear both of them for halloween.. 
EDIT: guess what, i just won another FOUR levis high waisted jeans on ebay for just 13€. Ha, i've never won anything before but this is awesome, isn't it? cutting, ripping, dying, studding, flag shorts.. can i have summer again, please?

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Nathalie said...

sehr geil :D
das mach ich bald mit Mummys Jeans :D


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