OH. MY. GOSH. i'm a proud owner of wonderful fantastic awesome gorgeous dr martens boots now!! i can't believe it! a dream came true and really, this is the best birthday-present ever! my girls are just too lovely for the world ♥ ♥ um, my birthday-party was pretty awesome, too. we baked a huge cake, bought a lot of vodka and so on and nearly all the people i know and love were there and we danced and drunk until 3am or something - well, me and a friend of mine had to go home by bike, wich was.. funny? although watching the stars in the dark and clear sky wasn't that easy - but we made it home safe after all.


Luzía.MV said...

Dr Martens *_*

Jasi. said...

nice:) ich hab auch dr martens, aber ich reib mir ständig blasen :/
wie hast du deine eingetragen? hast du vill paar tipps?^^

und tollen blog hast du:)
xoxo, jasi.