a year of brainslush.

unbelievable, but today it's one year since i started blogging here.. well, my layout sucked, i had just 28 visitors in whole october and not a single follower - and now.. well, i'm working.. but i gained 32 readers, about 28 visitors a day in average and my layout isn't that bad, huh? so i decided to review some of my favourite posts to celebrate that little anniversary..
1 the slushy-brain-shake
2 DIY - space shoes. actually the fist DIY on my blog  but sadly the shoes look like a mess now since i went up the vesuvio wearing them.. bad idea.
3 DIY - ripped denim shorts. i had a lot of fun with these and i hope i could have helped you with my tutorial.
4 shopping - this is my purchase from hamburg, one of the most beautiful cities in germany i've ever been to!
5 slushybrain captured! well, this is how i look currently - except the tunnel, i'm wearing a black one right now..
6 plugs <3 - i think i talked a lot about my ears this year..
haha.. the zebra-floor became famous, too.

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Nadine Flatt said...

nice stuff!!