hello, peter.

isn't it one of the cutest trends of the year? i've seen a lot of those peter pan collars lately, wich is, in my opinion, just awesome, i love them! it's hard to find a really nice shirt or dress with such a collar, best ones are vintage of course, so i think i'm gonna DIY a kind of peter-pan-collar-necklace, so i can simply attach it to any top i have in my closet.. 


Chantal said...

I absolutely adore the peter pan collars they are so cute!


Melissa said...

Wenn du wirklich vorhast so einen selbst zu machen, hilf mir (und dem Rest deiner Leser) bitte mit einem Tutorial, stehe auch total auf die Teile!


Anna Bolika (livefastdiepretty.) said...

ja ich liebe diese kr├Ągen/kragen wasauchimmer hahaa <33

CR said...

Finally a trend i love. I´ve still havent find the perfect piece.. but i will, i´m commited to that! Besides itis a look that you can pull of years from now, even if the trend fades it kees being a classic look.