yesterday i bought a beige/grey/dusky pink coloured swallow scarf ♥ i love those black swallows printed on it.. some time ago i was wondering if i should get a swallow tattoo at my chest. i really would love to have some ink under my skin until forever . and one is for sure: after about one and a half year of waiting i'll take my best friend to a tattooer & we'll both get a little black star at our wrists to remind the wonderful days we had in more than 12 years friendship and to make the promise that this friendship will be forever ♥ she's the most important person in my life and living without her would be only pain. an other tattoo i really would love to have is a little moustache at one of my fingers . . so if i hold it in front and above my mouth it would look like a 'real' moustache *-*

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