i really have to post more photos on this blog. i think it looks a bit drab right now.more coulours - more lightheartedness. oh i love this word ; just found it while thinking about what to write here . .  a light heart is a happy heart. that's true. there are so beautiful expressions ; it's much easier to say something in english than saying it in german. i hate the german language. it's so stiff and kind of square. english is soft and flowing. that's the reason why i'm writing in english. everyone can understand & english is soo much more lovely than german. i love those long/strange/old words like gloomy ; paranormal ; obscureness . . oh that reminds me of mori chacks 'gloomy bear' . . its an absolutely cute japanese pink bear that kills & eats people. it's kind of macabre but i love him anyway ♥

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