today at 6:45am i unsuspectingly went outside the house going to school & what must i see ? SNOW. white and fluffy snow falling from the sky. a dark and grey sky. i can't decide whether hating or loving it. I hate snow if it's getting wet and slushy and brown and your shoes get wet and your hair gets damaged and your pants are ruined. But i love snow if it's a bright ; cold and shining day and the snow covers the world like a big and quiet blanket so everything looks like beeing decorated with powdered sugar. And i love it 'cause i can go Snowboarding after more than a half year of waiting again. i'm really addicted to it so i buy all those snowboardmagazines in summer. that makes me feel better.i won't stop practicing some tricks this winter so i'll get a little bit better ;D snowboarding is so fascinating. i'm admiring all those guys and girls who are able do some really spectacular tricks.

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