YAY! i finally ordered this grey sweatshirt.. i really wanted one because i love them & there are some really nice ways of wearing it .. with some black tights or those ripped pants. i really like how caro wears it . [ left ] i found this look on Lookbook.nu . it's an absolutely fabulous site ; you can get inspiration ; post your looks ; get to know people & talk about fashion. i really love it ♥ but i wasn't brave enough to post my first look.. i need a 'photoshoot' ! maybe i should ask my bestie . oh yey.. that's a wonderful idea if boredom has catched us once more & we can't do something else as watchin' featherbrained youtube videos like 'Hot Potato' [ but i love this cuuute little burning potato d: ] or 'ASDF-Movie' [ die potato ! ] oh.. i just recognized i love all those videos featuring potatoes (: but back to my original theme: Lookbook.nu what should i do ? i'm afraid that i won't get some hypes & that my looks totally disappear. maybe you have some tips for me how to launch a successful new look ;D

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