some basics from h&m i absolutely need & so i just ordered them. a dark grey top with buttons ; the grey sweatshirt ; a long grey cardigan & a black longsleeve with buttons . & i love h&m. they always have some real nice basics & i nearly buy all my basics there.. if i had money i probably would buy them at american apparel but i haven't. it's very expensive here in germany but it is soo nice . they sort their shirts according to the rainbow colours.. OMG! thats maybe the biggest reason why i'm loving it *-* so i'm gonna post some photos, like a 'look of the day' and then you can see how those fabulous things look like d: today i spent my whole day with drawing and some things like that so i'm really tired now.. but that doesn't keep me from writing some shit in here..^-^ yesterday i recognized that my posts get longer and longer but maybe the reason is that i don't care what people think about it anymore .. i write lots of strange things here & i hope i don't bore you with this <(^^<) so my plans for the future are: more looks ; more photos ; more sites ; more more ; more ! oh. i nearly forgot: i planned a stupid little youtube-series called 'peter maffis' it'll launch maybe in 3 months [ you have to watch it ! ] ♥

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