The most important; the best; the most incredible; unbelievable; amazing; lovely; wonderful; cutest person i ever meet: Julia ♥ She is my best friend and that since 1998. i'll never forget the day i saw her first. it was the 5th birthday of vicky and we spent the day with hide & seek and eating cake. i have only one photo of this day and this photo is so unbelievable. it is the first photo of us and we didn't know each other but we already sat side by side. After that day we never lost sight of each other. we went to kindergarden together and then something incredible happend: we incidentally meet in mallorca. OMG! that was the best holiday i ever had. i was plashing around in the pool (i couldn't swim at this time so i had to wear those ugly swimmies ^-^) and suddenly i saw a familiar person & said: ' mom? is that julies mom ? ' and mom sad: ' no. . that isn't possible ' but that woman was ' julies mom '. and we, as we were cute little kids, one with light blond hair and one with dark brown hair, had the best summer ever. we plashed and jumped and danced and swam and had fun together all the days ♥ back in germany we went to elementary school together for four years but then our ways should separate. we went to different schools but our friendship is stronger than the difference. we expirienced so many; so hilarious; amazing and stunning things together.we camp; party; drink; shop; laugh; hang around; watch tv; swim; dress up; drive around; skate on the ice; take photos; eat and live 12 years of friendship we never had an argument and this friendship will be until forever. we will sit together at the coffee table when we're old and grey-haired grannies and talk about our fabulous past we had together. my greatest wish is that we will never lose our strong and endless friendship ♥ it's more than friendship, it's love

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