i'm really excited. tomorrow some canadian ice hockey players are going to visit our english class and we should ask them some questions about canada, ice hockey and things like that to improve our english speaking skills. i'm so afraid this could be embarassing. i know i'll make some really silly mistakes and i don't want them to think 'oh my gosh, she's such an idiot.' so, yeah, i'm quite nervous. that's so stupid, they are only ice hockey players ! i'm really thinking of myself being a complete oaf right now. why am i afraid ?! i absolutely have to cool down. i have some good questions like ' how do you think about the way they show the canadians in south park with those split up heads that are shaking all the time ?' :D no i was just kidding, i'd ask 'have you been to the olympic winter games in vancouver last year?' and 'why did you choose ice hockey?' i think it will be great tomorrow, hopefully NOT embarassing.

OMG. i didn't realize canada has such an amazing and beautiful landscape.. the lake is breathtaking. just take a look at the colour of the water. unbelievable. by the way they are shooting the fringe series in vancouver :D now i really love canada ♥

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