i had some beautiful days with snowboarding, ice skating, wonderful friends, hot chocolate & short nights. Wednesday i went ice skating with Julie on a small lake in thalham, a very small village where Julie lives, just about 1km away from the village where i live. i was really crackbrained to go there by bike, i nearly died, it was so cold i couldn't move my fingers and toes anymore when i was at home again. but it was a wonderful day anyway ♥ Thursday i went snowboarding with my dad, his girlfriend and my sister. it was a small but a nice skiing area with some easy and medium slopes and once again i sensed how much i love snowboarding. i just felt free and couldn't stop smiling. everything was perfect, even the freezing rain and the fact that my trousers and gloves were totally wet couldn't make me think different. the next day i woke up with headache, sore throat and cough. so i stayed on the sofa the whole day, watched about 7 episodes of Fringe, season 1, drank 2 cups of hot milk and honey, took some pills and at the end of the day  i was fit again. the next day i had to get up at 5am to take a bus that brought us to austria for snowboarding again. i went there with Danja ♥ and the outward journey was horrible. we couldn't sleep, the seats were really uncomfortable and it was so hot in that bus. as we arrived my mood changed from 'i just wanna die' to 'this is what makes life worth living!' and as we went upwards with the gondola i couldn't wait to ride down the slopes, touching the cold snow, felling the speed and the air flow. at noon the sun came out and it was such a beautiful day. at the end we were both totally exhausted, and after falling more than riding we decided to relax in the canvas chairs they arranged at the mountain top. if you closed your eyes you could have felt like lying at the beach because of the warm and shiny sunlight. just wonderful ♥ 

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