i'm not satisfied. i'm pretty never satisfied with anything. i hate my hair ; body ; face ; drawing skills ; attitude ; chaotic room ; clothes ; i hate just everything right now. it's not good enough, i'm not good enough. instead of drawing or learning or doing just anything reasonable i'm hanging around in facebook. i'm so disappointed of myself. i'm just distracted too much. the internet could be such a great source of inspiration but i'm just ending up wasting my time in facebook everytime. WHY? why can't i just switch off my notebook and draw ? yeah, i could. but i don't do it. why? i really should force myself to spend less time in facebook. it's only wasted time. i promise, i'll..

x ..buy a new sketchbook
x ..draw every evening
x ..limit facebook time
x ..do more sports
x ..take more photos, especially with my HOLGA
x ..do more phantastic activities with my friends ♥
x ..sell my old and hated clothes
x ..buy new, fabulous clothes
x ..search for a work placement in a design agency
x ..do passably brilliant a-levels
x ..finally know what i want to study.

i know i will do it. i'm gonna reach my aims, cause there's nothing else to fight for.

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