i'm feeling like my brain is completely flooded with crap. i'm connecting everything to Fringe. i have to only switch the radio on , hear a song and i keep thinking i would hear a variation of the Fringe theme in it. i should really stop watching it that frequently. but it is a way of screwing myself. i keep saying to my brain i'm doing something for school if i watch the episodes in english and it accepts. it does work and that is frightening. so it is not just Fringe that floods my brain, it is fashion, drawing or rather the need to draw, words, and some strange ideas for my human-machine. i feel like my brain is drowning in that wave of information and confusing thoughts, i feel like it is ready to explode sometimes.. what leads me back to Fringe.. brain and exploding heads. uuh ♥ what i need is some space in there, endless space. my brain is so confused and flooded with crap that i'm kind of physically present while my thoughts are flying out, exploring the galaxy and i don't get anything people tell me. kind of annoying for my friends i think :P

oh my gosh. space is so unbeliveably inspiring. endless and unxplored darkness spotted with some sparkling stars and misterious nebulae. black holes and dark matter. we will never reach the end of it. infinity. infinity and endless space, endless possibilities and endless inspiration.

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