sketch book.

i had to do this special sketch book about music and art for school and today i turned it in. i'm very nervous about what my theacher thinks but what is even more frightening is the fact that i feel like there is missing a part of me. i was working so hard on it and now that i don't have it anymore i feel lost. that's just because i'm stupidly thinking i can't write down if i had a new or brilliant idea. for that i could just use another white paper and write it into the sketch book later.. the purpose of that book was to develop a special project how music could be expressed in art. i'm thinking of doing a kind of mechanical human, filled with all those sounds we hear in our everyday life. there should be sounds that are completely unimportant , sounds we don't really hear anymore, like the ticking of a clock. combined with some light effects it will create a really phantastic atmosphere. 'the sound of life' ; some inspirations:

- my machine should be nearly human. if i switch it on i won't be able to switch it off again until it's energy is completely used up. this machine is going to die. nothing will work without the batteries. soon some sounds will be missing and in the end there will be nothing but dark silence. it's getting older like a real person. and the last sound you'll hear is the beating of it's heart.

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