over the moon.

first i didn't make a complete idiot of myself at the meeting with the canadians & i'm really satisfied with myself too because i was brave enough to even ask some questions without making some stupid mistakes. :D those guys were really awesome, they told us a lot about ice hockey and canada and at the end we all got some autographs and a free ticket for the match on friday. that's so cool, i've never been to any ice hockey game so i'm definitely going to take the chance and watch the game. and second as i came home today from school i opened the letter box and found a small brown package adressed to me. while i was wondering what might be in there i suddenly remembered i ordered something last sunday. it was the second season of FRINGE. i quickly opened the package and yeah it was really in there - oh my gosh - they were really fast and i could hardly stop myself from jumping around in the house . . i love this series and now i can watch the complete second season and get the whole background story of peter, olivia, walter and the alternative universe. so i'm gonna finish here right now to watch the first episode ;D how could that day have been better ? ♥

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