- the moment when you just said something pseudo-intelligent about science and everyone thinks you're a genius - but actually you knew it from a tv-show.
damn. i think i'll die. you know i'm not very into watching tv, there's too much too stupid crap around, but there's Fringe. i don't know why i have chosen this one, maybe because it's scifi, horror and drama all at the same time, but not without some hilarious moments, mostly caused by walter. it is not often that a tv-show or a movie makes me either laugh or cry, least of all both within 45min. there's so much shit on tv, but Fringe has it's own, overall story, with some awesome characters, played by even more awesome actors. anna torv managed to play at least six versions of olivia in season three, olivia thinking she's altivia, altivia pretending to be olivia, olivia, altivia, olivia posessed by william bell and future olivia. and just by watching half a minute you could instantly realize wich olivia you're watching. well, and joshua jackson is probably the cutest guy ever -  i mean peter - he's thoughtful, unintentionally amusing but also courageous and heroic. Fringe, next to the awesome characters, shows us the endless possibilities and i really love the idea of an infinite number of parallel universes, with an infinite number of alternate versions of ourselves. Fringe shows us, in it's core, that love is stronger than anything else, love made them cross even universes. and i have to admit that i'm really kinda obsessed about that show and i don't know how to survive the summer break, maybe by writing stupid fringe stuff in here, so i'm sorry for boring you to death with this.

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