DIY - ripped denim shorts.

i had a day off from school today so i spent my morning with customizing my old and boring denim shorts, transforming an old black shirt into a skull-cut-out-shirt and finishing my slushybrain-cotton bag. and here's the tutorial for making ripped denim shorts:
1. all you need is a small scissor and  some tweezers.. 2. make a first cut.. 3. the second cut should be a little bit below the first one, not too far, i'd say maximum is about 7cm, if you want the ripped part to be longer, just do it in two steps.. 4. take the tweezers and try to pull one of the longitudinal threads out. this could take a little longer, but when you've got that step, everything gets easy.. 5. pull all the threads on the right and the left out until you reach the ends of your cut. for this you have to have a lot of patience, especially if your ripped part is very large.. 6. this is what it looks like in the end. i left a little bit of the original jeans, right where the seam is, sometimes it is a little bit better if you do that, so that you jeans doesn't fall apart completely. if you wear your shorts or if you wash them, everything will look a little bit more chaotic and destroyed, just as it would have happened unintended, wich is exactly what i wanted.

after i made all my ripped parts i painted one pocket black and added some studs. i recommend sewing some cloth behind, so that the spikes of the studs don't destroy either your skin or your thights. if you think your pants are too transparent now with all the holes, you could just take some lace, either in balck or white and sew it right behind the holes, looks very nice, too. i'll maybe add some black lace here, so that you don't see the white cloth of the pockets anymore..

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Forever Fashion said...

Awesome shorts! I always try to do this but fail :( lol I'll keep trying!!

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