nomnom JELLO!

since it's been halloween last night i decided to modify my camera a little bit and turned my white flash into a blue one. all i did was taping some blue foil before  it and i think the pictures look very nice, i love the colours and i think i'm gonna try some more flash colours.. i've got some pink and yellow foil at home, too and maybe i can also combine two colours in one.. or even three..
 i spent the evening with my friends and we decided to make some bloody jelloshots. some time ago i found some 'how-to-make-yummy-jelloshots' videos while browsing youtube and i really wanted to try it out and they are indeed absolutely delicious and really, whenever you're going to have a party, make some jelloshots! so here's a wonderful
you need: a pack of do-it-yourself jello, for example Dr. Oetker Götterspeise of any flavour, vodka, water, juice (optional)

1 read the instructions on the jello pack, you would eventually have to modify the recipe a little bit.. since i'm using Dr. Oetker and yours could be different..

2 heat up 200ml of water and 200ml of a suitable juice in a pot. (the pack yould suggest 500ml, but we will add the vodka later, since the alcohol would go away if we heated it up) you could for example use raspberry flavoured jello and raspberry juice. make sure it doesn't boil. now mix the powder and 5 big spoons of sugar with the water and the juice until it is completely dissolved

3 wait until the liquid has cooled down a little bit, takes about 15-20min, and then add 100ml of vodka

4 fill it into small shot glasses and wait until they've cooled down a little bit more. then put them into the refridgerator or outside (in winter only) 
if you need it faster, put the glasses into the freezer for about 20-30min - that's what we did..

5 take the shots out and they're ready to serve. (you might need some spoons to get the jello out of the glasses..) enjoy!

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