VANS x Jesse Jo

VANS has, next to volcom, always been one of the cutest skate and streetwear labels, but now they did this new line with jesse jo - i don't really know wo she is, but she's gorgeous and obviously she's got a great sense of fashion - and i nearly freaked out: VANS IS DOING CREEPERS. i. need. them. please, just look at those shoes, i love creepers anyway, the classical ones are super cute but those are absolutely perfect - i'd just change the shoe laces into simple black ones.. there's just one tiny problem, i can't find them anywhere online, but i need them, i need them from the bottom of my heart, i guess i fell in love - irrepealably.


Anonymous said...

Oh Gott, ich finds sie so viel besser als die Echten. Ich brauch sie auch!

Nathalie said...

puh! jaaa :D
omg. das war soo ein schock gestern! da wären einfach n jahr Arbeit hinüber gewesen!

jaa stimmt. hm..das wär was für Dich und deine DIYs! Du bist da so talentiert! :)


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