and here are the results of the wonderful denim-dying-day - aren't they super awesome? for the first pair of shorts i simply used black fabric dye, originally it was a mid blue one with lot's of black paint on it, so i kind of hid that now. but i might add some silver studs to finally finish it.. the second pair is my favorite by now, i first dyed it cobalt blue, then, after 30mins i put the top of it out of the dye, so that it won't get a too deep blue and then, after another 30min, i dipped the very bottom of it into my black dye - and it turned out as this waterfallish, super cute pattern! the last pair of shorts is just a deep deep deep cobalt blue, i think i left it in the dye for nearly 2h and, especially on the back, it looks a little bit tie dyed, i don't know why, but it doesn't matter very much, it looks great anyway.. i might add some gold round studs to it, but i'm not sure yet. i think the colours came out extremely good, could be because the blue shorts had been white before and adopted the dye very well.. really, dying is just so much fun, i just love it ♥ it is a bit messy, yeah, but the results are more than worth it!

you can also see my new cozy, knit, warm, black, oversized, elbow patched, wonderful cardigan from the H&M online store, that arrived yesterday - it's just so unbelievably perfect in time - TODAY THERE WAS THE FIRST SNOW. you could guess, i just freaked out - i want to die instantly, please. or move somewhere where snow doesn't even exist in the darkest nightmares of the people living there.


Anonymous said...

Sind echt gut geworden, muss ich auch mal versuchen. Wie viel kostet Farbe so in etwa?

CR said...

They turned out great! Love the idea of the two toned short ;)