you see them a lot on lookbook, fashion blogs and even the runway lately, the lovely and super cute CREEPERS. i have to admit, i fell in love with them, too. and there are so many good things about them, first, nobody here has got a pair of them, i guess i would be the only one, and second i would get at least a little bit, like 4cm or 5cm, taller, wich is quite good for me being just a tiny 1,64m or 5'5" .. i'm really thinking of buying a pair for spring, since i couldn't walk through mountains of snow with them during the upcoming winter now.. hopefully it won't get that cold and long this year, so i can order them earlier - on ebay of course..

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Jettica said...

I really want some creepers. There were some really cheap slightly pointed creeper boots on eBay that I feel in love with but they only went up to size 6. Too small for my clown feet!

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