denim jacket.

it's here! my super awesome and super cheap levis - wait. levis again? well, i'm totally into vintage levis stuff obviously.. - denim jacket! really, i couldn't belive that i actually got it for 1 + 4,50€ shipping!  so now i can finally start customizing it, i'm definitely going to cut it into a vest and sew something on the back, like here:

spikes would be super awesome, too, but i can't decide if i should order gold or silver ones.. also i'm not really sure what to put on the back, i thought of an old shirt, i have this pretty nice dropdead ones, that don't really fit anymore, but i'm really afraid, because they've been a little bit more expensive and if anything gets wrong i would have ruined them forever.. but on the other side i don't really wear them anymore and i think i would wear the denim jacket like every single day with such a absolutely gorgeous back.. so i don't know..
i think i would just cut out the prints and sew them on the back of the denim jacket.. on the back of the shirts, especially the ghost and kitty one there are also some cute details, i think on the blue one there's sushi :D i could sew that to the front of my jacket, too.. arg. i don't know.


CR said...

Wow that was a bargain!!!!!!!
I would go for silver spikes!!!! ;)

Post it after you customize it..i wanna see the results!!


j-j-j-jana said...

Wo hast du die Jacke gekauft? xx