spray some gold.

while cleaning up my room i found some really ugly studded belts of mine that i wore a lot some years ago - i looked pretty stupid that time, with short hair and a let's say very colorful style.. so now i decided i couldn't just throw them away, since i'm still loving studs, just not colorful ones.. so i decided to buy some spray paint and simply change them into golden and black ones.. well, spray paint is actually very expensive, so i decided to just buy the golden one and just do one colour.. although i left the left ones, the pink studs just as they are because they already have an awesome colour..

hopefully the paint is going to stay on the studs but i think they went out really good - well spray painting isn't that difficult though - and i'm excited to use them on my high waisted shorts or whatever..but by now they just have to dry and stop smelling - although i really love the smell of fresh paint.. i don't know.. but it's still nothing you wanted to have in your room for weeks. spray painting is actually really great, i guess, i'm getting into spray painting fever right now, just like everytime i try something new.. 

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Nathalie said...

omg. schei├če, wie geil ist das denn bitte? :D
Ich liebe deine Ideen!

fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]